Please feel free to ask any questions, about me, my planet or things that you don't understand.


Whilst I'm away my translator will be figuring out your time period so I will get a rough time frame. Then I will put a time/word translation on the side of my blog.

Trivia of the Day

I wasn't able to go to my shop for the last groomp because another shop wasn't selling as many peaons as I was. So the superiors band me from my shop from the 10'th of march to the 16th of march ( earth time) so the other shop could sell more peaons. So i haven't been able to get to my number box for a groomp.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

One of my human friends replied to my question about your jail.

She said: we don't like jail because that's where all the really bad grown-ups go.

So does that mean that the really bad grown-ups get free food, free rent, and lots of friends.
And the good grown-ups have to pay for food and rent.

You are some weird people.

PS my group is going on a Holiday tomorrow morning (18th of March Earth time) and we won't be back For 5 groopmas.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I'm just wondering why no one has answered my question about the adorable four legged thing's?

And why don't you humans like your jail.?
You get free food
You don't have to pay for rent
You'll have lot of other humans there to be your friends
And you have guards there to protect you.

Sunday, 6 March 2011


These are so adorable does every human have one?

What do you call these. Where ever I went to find out it came up with lots of names like
Dogs, Puppies, Poodles, Maltese
So im'e wondering what do you call them?

I also  was searching the internet to see if my planet has longer words than your English words. These are the longest English word i could find 

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis  is a 45 letter word. according to the Oxford English Dictionary a word alleged to mean 'a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflammation in the lungs.

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is a 35 letter word. It means a fear of long words.

like: Ben is a sufferer of a mild form of hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

And this is the longest word on my planet. 

Benstromonoeticlereactoripizedyjumeonolycaripasopolycrceicipy                                                 (ben-strom-on-ic-al-re-act-or-rip-ize-dy-jum-on-oly-car-ips-o-poly-creace-ic-ipy)   

is a 61 letter word, it is what i believe you call dust like: 

"oh it's so dusty in here"                                                                        

Except my planet says

"oh it's so benstromonoeticlereactoripizedyjumeonolycaripasopolycrceicipy in here".


Friday, 4 March 2011

Crooked Nose

I get to see my Gondo’s sibling today, thiz name is Rorko. Thiz has finally been allowed out of what I think you humans call “timeout”. Rorko had been sent there for 6.052 liberee’s because thiz touched a thing thiz wasn’t going to buy.

Now Rorko is very funny and weird. Thiz is also known as the “crooked nose”. Rorko got this name when thiz was a middle aged offspring. One day when thiz was looking through thiz old things thiz came across some old glue that dries instantly. So thiz put some on thiz finger to see if it still worked. Now, just as thiz finished putting it on thiz finger, my Gondo rushed past and stopped because thiz saw the glue on thiz finger, and thought it was snot and said “Oh, Rorko, when will you learn to stop picking your nose” then thiz rushed off before Rorko could say it was glue, not snot. But hearing the word snot made thiz want to pick thiz nose, so without thinking thiz started to pick thiz nose with the finger that has the glue on it. Thiz didn’t get very far with picking thiz nose because the glue dried whilst thiz finger was up thiz nose.

Now Rorko pulled and pulled but it just wouldn’t budge. So feeling pretty stupid, thiz went and told thiz Gondo and Gonga. So they pulled and pulled whilst Rorko was screaming in pain. It still wouldn’t budge. So then they got everyone in the group to help but it just wouldn’t budge. So thiz finger was stuck up thiz nose. But after 3.2 liberee’s of pulling, and screaming, and pain it budged, then a couple of groompas after that it finally came out. Thiz nose was very crooked.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

A special thankyou

Thankyou to Anna Maria.
I have just made a new human friend.
She helped me set up my blog.


Hello Humans

My name is Orcanoe. I have heard you humans have a thing called a nick-name, that is, a name that other people call you that has been shortened from your full name. So I guess my nick name is Orc.

I am hoping by this Blog I will find friends on Earth. On this Blog I am going to talk about my life and my planet in the hope of learning more about yours. You are probably wondering how I know about you humans and how I have accessed your internet. Well, all the probes you humans have been sending out - my people get to them B4 anyone else can.

My people got your first probe and studied it, then came to Earth to investigate, and learned that you are scared of aliens (which you would think we are) and you would beat us and be mean. So my superiors ordered that no one is to make contact with earth. But my Gondo works with the superiors, so I was able to sneak into the room where they keep the probes and I downloaded one of them in to my jinca (jee-n-ca). Then I took it to where I sell peaons and downloaded my jinca in to my numbers box. Then, whenever I went to sell peaons, every free moment I had I spent studying about you humans. 

And now I think I have learned enough to communicate with you and be able to make new friends……..