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Trivia of the Day

I wasn't able to go to my shop for the last groomp because another shop wasn't selling as many peaons as I was. So the superiors band me from my shop from the 10'th of march to the 16th of march ( earth time) so the other shop could sell more peaons. So i haven't been able to get to my number box for a groomp.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

One of my human friends replied to my question about your jail.

She said: we don't like jail because that's where all the really bad grown-ups go.

So does that mean that the really bad grown-ups get free food, free rent, and lots of friends.
And the good grown-ups have to pay for food and rent.

You are some weird people.

PS my group is going on a Holiday tomorrow morning (18th of March Earth time) and we won't be back For 5 groopmas.

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